US Application Process

In the US, a design application is considered to be a special form of patent application, and is know as a ‘design patent’.

The application process is similar to that for a UK design in that representation of the product from all angles must be filed at the US Patent Office. However, in the US, the designer is considered to be the first applicant, and therefore the details of the designer must be provided on the application. If the application is to be in the name of a company, the application will also have to be assigned to that company from the designer.

The application is then examined, and provided no objections are raised, the application will be granted on payment of an issue fee.

Typical US Application Costs


The cost of filing an application to register a design in the US is of the order of £900-1100 + VAT.

If objections are raised, the cost will depend upon the nature of the objections but will typically be of the order of £400-800 +VAT.  The registration fee will be of the order of £600-800 + VAT.