UK Application Process

The UK application process is straightforward. Representations – drawings or photographs – showing the external appearance of an article from all relevant angles are submitted in an application to the Designs Registry in the Patent Office. The application must be submitted whilst the design is still new; if more than fifty articles have been made and sold it is too late to register.

A registration certificate is issued in due course providing various formalities are complied with and the Registry has not found the design to be old.

Registration is renewable for 25 years, but only 15 years in the case of applications made before 1st August 1989.

Foreign registrations made within six months of the British registration can take the date of the British one.


Typical UK Costs


(Including Registry fees, using the applicant’s photographs, but excluding preliminary advice and the cost of the photographs, excl. VAT) – £300

Foreign registrations cost in the region of £600 per country.