European Application Process

The application process for a European Registered Design is essentially identical to that in the UK.

Representations showing the design from all angles are filed at the European Design Office, together with details of the applicant. A brief search is conducted to determine whether or not the design is new, and to ensure that all the formalities have been complied with.

If this is successful, the application is registered. Provided that no difficulties are encountered, a design can be registered within a few weeks.

Registrations are valid for up to 25 years, provided that renewal fees are paid at 5 year intervals.


Typical European Costs


Likely Preliminary Advice £300
Application for first design £900
Each additional design £180
Reporting on Search £300
Disbursement and Handling £50


Since the first of these fees includes substantial official fees, I ask for payment on account please.

Whilst the total cost is substantial, it is considerably cheaper than registering in each of the individual countries, and indeed cheaper than a few individual registrations in the major European countries alone.