What is Euro-PCT?

This section offers our services to patent attorneys with clients wishing to file so-called Euro-PCT applications, following International, or PCT, Patent Applications. A Euro-PCT application is the European Regional phase of a PCT application.

Our Euro-PCT filing service is offered to IP Professionals anywhere outside of Europe, particularly in North America and the Pacific Rims counties, such as USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China and Australia. If you are from elsewhere, we would be delighted to help with your clients’ Euro-PCT applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Euro-PCT applications are filed at the European Patent Office (EPO).  They are not cheap because of heavy EPO fees.  However, since the London Agreement (by which national translations of the description are no longer required for many countries) the cost on grant is now greatly reduced.  Applications can be in English; French and German language claims are required on grant.