Typical Costs of Filing Application

The cost of entering the European Regional Phase can be broken down into official fees, translation fees and my service and hourly rate fees.


The European Patent Office Fees are as follows:

Filing Fee €120
Search Fee €1,300
Examination Fee €1,635
Designation Fee €585
Add. Pages over 35 €15
Add. Claims over 15 €235 p/c
Add. Over 50 €585 p/c
Renewal Fee (3rd Year) €470


A reduction in the Search Fees, to €1110, is available for PCT application that have been searched by certain patent offices.  A list of these patent offices is given below:

Country International Searching Authority

A reduction in the Examination fee of 50% is offered for applications where the European Patent Office was appointed as the International Preliminary Examination Authority (IPEA) and established the International Preliminary Examination Report.

If the PCT application does not claim priority from a previous application, and so is entering the European Regional Phase after the second anniversary of the International Filing Date, the third year renewal fee will also be due on entry.


Translation costs will depend on the length of the specification. I have associates who are able to translate specifications from most languages into English.  Alternatively, you may wish to have the application translated into English yourselves.


My service fees for filing the application and entering it onto my record system are set at £1000.  My hourly time is charged out at £300 per hour and my assistants’ time is charged out at £150 per hour. The hourly rate fee will depend on the size and complexity of the amendments required. In most cases little or no amendment is required.

The example costs are given below in GBP (£):-

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
EPO Fee £2,900 £3,050 £3,300
Service Fee £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Total (excl. VAT) £3,900 £4,050 £4,300

Please note that:

  • The EPO fees quoted in GBP will vary with the exchange rates;
  • The EPO fees include the Filing Fee, Search Fee, Examination Fee, Designation Fee and any Renewal Fees that are due;
  • My service fee includes my basic service fee for filing the application and any bank charges associated with paying the fees;
  • The estimates do not include translation fees for translating the application into English; and
  • The estimates do not include my hourly rate fees for amending an application to conform with European practice. In most cases little or no amendment will be required.